What Our Customers Say

"Mr. Robbins and his team executed a very smooth evolution from start to finish. The transition from undocking to tug work to mooring was effortlessly done, as befits a team of seasoned professionals. You have my gratitude for USS THUNDERBOLT being safely afloat once again.

Mr. Robbins and his team's professionalism and actions reflect well on Robbins Maritime and the impeccable service that you provide to our Navy's outstanding Patrol Coastal gunships. Thank you."

U.S. Navy
R.D. HOLT Lieutenant Commander U.S. Navy

"Organizations like Robbins Maritime help set apart our city from others, and every visiting ship and crew commented on the overwhelming support they received while here."

OpSail 2012 Virginia
Hank Moseley Director of Maritime Operations OpSail 2012 Virginia

"In both the beginning of this charter when the barge was transferred from MH1 to Lambert's Point and in the end upon towing it back to MH1, the Robbins Brothers, Ray and John and their crews, exercised the utmost in prudent seamanship and always came to TMOT's assistance when called and always promptly with courtesy and friendliness."

Robert B. Hull Project Manager Thrustmaster of Texas, Inc.
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